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Oh Julio!

For all Julio Jones Dynasty owners, today is a sad day. Fantasy football can be so cruel at times. If you own Julio, then you were most likely in serious playoff contention only to have those hopes suddenly and brutally crushed. I share your pain.

I am a HUGE Julio fan and in the offseason considered him to be the #1 overall dynasty player (in any PPR format). His performance this year only confirmed what I had already believed.

Before the devastating news, I owned Julio in approximately $5,500(!!!) worth of dynasty leagues, all of which teams would be in the playoffs if the season ended today. The loss of Julio is a bigger loss to me than the loss of any other player could be (and that’s after losing Aaron Hernandez in $3,000+ earlier this year).

Accordingly, it may well be that I am in such deep mourning that I am choosing to kid myself in believing that there is a silver lining. That is, outside of perhaps only Jimmy Graham in 1.5 PPR for TE, Julio owners STILL own the #1 overall dynasty player.

As such, Julio Jones is still and should remain for the foreseeable future almost untouchable. Now only 24 years old, he was on his way to what would have been a ridiculous season in 2013. He has become what Calvin was 4 years ago (just before the general Dynasty public caught on that Calvin was untouchable). He is, for all tense and purposes, the same guy in Dynasty that Calvin was in his younger years. He is a better Dynasty asset than AJ Green, better than Dez Bryant and even better than Calvin himself (considering age). Now to some, the foot injury clouds Julio’s future, but the uncertainty and perceived risk for the long term seems overblown to me given the full recovery of others with more worrisome injuries.

So, while the temptation will be there, I advise Julio owners to stay strong and not to sell unless one of the following players are involved (in PPR): AJ Green, Dez Bryant, Calvin Johnson, Demaryius Thomas and, in 1.5PPR for TE, Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski. Trade Julio for a so-called “elite” RB you say? Don’t you dare! How about a deal involving Randall Cobb? Tempting, but resist the urge.

Trade Julio for Calvin? Ok, go ahead and do it if you’re in contention, but realize that you will be somewhat worse for wear this time next year. I couldn’t resist and traded Julio and a 3rd rounder for Calvin in a $750 FFPC Dynasty League. It took that kind of offer for me to pull the trigger.

Tread carefully Julio Jones owners, and good luck.

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