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Dynasty Trade - Maurice Jones Drew

A very interesting trade went down yesterday in one of my $100 leagues. Anytime a top 4 RB gets traded, it’s a story since it happens so infrequently. In this case, though, a rebuilding team traded FOR MJD from a top 4 contender. Seems a little backwards. Surprisingly, both teams may be the better for it.
The trade:

Rebuilding Team gave Tony Romo, Mark Sanchez, Marques Colston, Josh Morgan and Vernon Davis

Top 4 Contender gave MJD, Brett Favre, Matt Leinart, Rashad Jennings, Early Doucet and a 2011 1st (of another top 4-5 team). Wow!

First of all, if I didn’t know any better (and I’m starting to think that I don’t), Rebuilding Team is looking to make a splash in 2010. Lineup is now (WCOFF lineup and scoring): Favre, MJD, D Brown, J. Harrison, Marshall, Crabtree, Wallace, Witten. Not quite top 4 yet, but add to that four 2011 1sts, and this team can REALLY ascend the ranks in 2010 if he so chooses. Long term, if the team sits on its 2011 1sts, the rest of the league should be afraid, very afraid.

Top 4 Contender had a studly starting group (with MJD and AJ), but lacked depth (the flex spot was going to be a tough one to fill each week). This trade addressed the depth issue by adding studs in Romo, Colston and Vernon but created a big RB hole. Lineup is now: Romo, Moreno, scrub, AJ, Colston, Wayne, Welker/Edelman, Dallas Clark (VD on bench). That WR foursome is pretty sick and TE/QB are top notch. I am not looking forward to seeing this team fill that RB hole by trade. This team could be #1 in 2010 when its all said and done. As a side note, the trade should work out fairly well long term for Top 4 Contender as well.

I am a very interested bystander here being also among the top 4 in 2010 and what I thought to be the top team long term (now, looks like “Rebuilding Team” may be #1 long term). My lineup is Eli/Big Ben, CJ3, Wells, Felix, Calvin, Jennings, Bowe and (last and certainly least) Olsen. Unfortunately, I have no 2011 1st - Rebuilding Team has it. At the end of day, my lineup probably will just fall short of Top 4 Contender’s lineup in the short term (getting bumped down to #3 overall) and is now in a dead heat with Rebuilding Team and another team or two long term for the #1 spot.

Well, if anything, this latest trade serves as a wake up call to get off my you know what and get it in gear.
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