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Playoff Time!

FFPC Teams:

I ended up making the playoffs in the $1250 FFPC after all, but I’m going in with Lesean McCoy on my bench (where it looks like he’ll stay, win or lose) and with Montell Owens (won him with $1 out of my final $2) as my starting RB2. I’ll need to finish in the top 2 out of the 4 non-bye teams. With the lineup I’m throwing out there, its not looking good, but I do have a chance – RGIII, Spiller, Owens, Dez, Wallace (or Austin depending on health), J.Gordon, Danario, Bailey, Cleveland (vs KC).

I’ve got the week off in the $750 FFPC Dynasty League #2 and #4, and my focus there over the last few weeks has been stocking the teams with a few replacement TEs in the hope that one gets hot by Week 15 to fill the huge hole left by Gronkowski’s injury. For the $750#2, I acquired Dallas Clark and Marcedes Lewis (using up most of my BBID in the process) the week Gronk went down. In the $750 #4, I acquired Marcedes Lewis and Tony Moeaki.

Non-FFPC Teams:

Out of my 22 dynasty leagues (which include the 5 FFPC leagues), I’ve made the playoffs in 15, and secured the bye in 8. Not bad, and 8 total bye teams is pretty good (I think), but the number of playoff teams is a little disappointing. With my focus on the FFPC dynasty leagues over the last three years, my involvement in the other 17 non-FFPC leagues has really suffered. Embarrassingly, in half of the non-FFPC leagues, I haven’t spent a single dollar of my free agent dollars (or depending on the format, haven’t submitted a waiver request outside of the first come first serve free for all after waivers run). My moves (this year and last) have been limited for the most part to picking up defenses and kickers and replacing bye players when necessary. It takes all my time and energy to stay on top of the blind bidding in my 5 FPPC leagues. I am just not able to scan the waiver wire in my other leagues.

On one of the neglected teams, I’m looking at my pathetic RBs (must start 2) going into the first round of the playoffs, and I’m starting Matt Forte and Ronnie Brown at RB (Stew used to be a starter – but that’s no consolation). In the meantime, my opponent is starting Arian Foster and Doug Martin. Sheesh. Earlier today, I submitted a $98 (out of $100) bid on Montell Owens to “fill” the hole, but there shouldn’t have been a hole in the first place, not when my team (PPR btw) has AJ Green, Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas, Andre Johnson, Dwayne Bowe and Torrey Smith at WR and must start 3 and only 3. You would think I could have simply traded one for a better RB. That’s interesting, as I am writing this and looking over my roster, I just now noticed (for the first time all year) that I have Jacquizz Rodgers on my taxi squad. I guess I don’t need Montell Owens after all (not that I could have used the $98 anyway).

This is no way to run my dynasty teams. Something’s got to change.

Anyway, good luck to everyone in the playoffs!
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