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$750 FFPC Dynasty Update – Week 7 $1250 FFPC Dynasty Update – Week 6

Another update on this league as I made two more major trades in the last two weeks.

This time, I shipped out MJD (the week just after his break through game), Tony Gonzalez, Braylon Edwards and Kareem Huggins for Jeremy Maclin (prior to the DJax injury), CJ Spiller and a 2011 1st (my 5th). The trade at the time looked awfully lopsided in the other team’s favor, but I liked it then and of course I am liking it more now in hindsight. I think both Maclin and Spiller can be special players. I wrote earlier about trading Maclin for Spiller straight up. I probably would take that back if I had it to do all over again, but either way, its very close. Spiller will come through.

This week, I put up Maclin and Jennings on the block and of course, I ended up trading Darren McFadden instead. In return, I got Desean Jackson. I was hesitant about hitting the accept button since Desean may not make a big impact again in 2010, but since my team is already playing for next year, this should have been an easy call. My main concern is that I already own him in the $1250 and having Desean in the combined $2000 was somewhat of an issue given his concussion. I did find it interesting that when evaluating the trade, I thought of Darren McFadden as the conservative choice and Desean the risky one. Now that its all done, I’m glad I accepted.

Here’s the team now:

QB - Tom Brady

RB - CJ Spiller (need to start 2 but I can fill in with the top rookies next year)

WR - Greg Jennings, Desean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Vincent Jackson, and Sidney Rice

TE - Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta

Now thats the kind of WR group that I love having in dynasty. As we are all finding out this year, depth is key, so having 5 studs at WR like this should be a big benefit next year.

Rookie picks, if the season ended today, would be as follows: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.5 and 1.6. Great result, but the picks are subject to potentially huge fluctuation as the league standings after the bottom two are all so very close.

Overall, this team ended up being very similar to the $1250 (despite initially going with different strategies). If I had to choose which one was better, I would probably choose this one, since I have Brady instead of a sixth 1st rounder. One less position to worry about filling next year.
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