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FFPC $750 Dynasty League / Final Rounds

We just got done with the startup draft. Here are the rest of the results (posted through round 16):

11.1 Marshawn Lynch
11.2 Mohammed Massaquoi
11.3 Jerome Harrison
11.4 Dexter McCluster
11.5 Chester Taylor
11.6 Brett Favre
11.7 Derrick Mason
11.8 Chad Henne
11.9 Darren Sproles
11.10 Mike Williams (TB)
11.11 Vince Young
11.12 Matt Cassel

12.1 Kevin Smith
12.2 Steve Breaston
12.3 James Jones
12.4 Braylon Edwards
12.5 Toby Gerhart
12.6 Leon Washington
12.7 Thomas Jones
12.8 Devin Thomas
12.9 Chaz Schilens
12.10 Brian Hartline
12.11 Arrelious Benn
12.12 Josh Freeman

13.1 Jabar Gafney
13.2 Greg Olsen
13.3 Derrick Ward
13.4 Donnie Avery
13.5 Lee Evans
13.6 Ben Watson
13.7 Jared Cook
13.8 James Jones
13.9 Julian Edelman
13.10 Austin Collie
13.11 Willis McGahee
13.12 Bernard Scott

14.1 Laurent Robinson
14.2 Donovan McNabb
14.3 Antonio Bryant
14.4 Terrell Owens
14.5 Mike Bell
14.6 Eddie Royal
14.7 Mark Sanchez
14.8 Jeremy Shockey
14.9 Shawn Nelson
14.10 Jordan Shipley
14.11 Nate Burleson
14.12 Vikings Def

15.1 Todd Heap
15.2 Louis Murphy
15.3 Alex Smith
15.4 SF 49ers
15.5 Garrett Hartley
15.6 Brandon LaFell
15.7 Sam Bradford
15.8 Steelers
15.9 Ravens
15.10 Mario Manningham
15.11 Chris Chambers
15.12 GB Packers

16.1 Jordy Nelson
16.2 Brandon Pettigrew
16.3 Correll Buckhalter
16.4 Jason Campbell
16.5 Eagles
16.6 Cowboys
16.7 Rob Gronkowski
16.8 Aaron Hernandez
16.9 Larry Johnson
16.10 Devery Henderson
16.11 NO Saints
16.12 James Starks


Eddie Royal - The 14th round is the furthest I have seen Eddie Royal fall. He has been going before the end of round 10 in other high stakes startups. Very nice value this late.

Donovan McNabb - Waiting until the 14th to take McNabb as a QB1 might’ve been a really nice call (versus spending a 6th rounder on Brady), but tough to risk that he would last this far. Had I waited this long to take a QB and had McNabb gone earlier, I would’ve been stuck with Mark Sanchez as my QB1, not an attractive situation for a team ready to compete now.

Jared Cook - I really like Jared Cook in the 13th. He could rise to a 7th round value (or better) this time next year if he flashes some of his crazy potential during the year.

Julian Edelman - Edelman at 13.9 could be a huge pick if Welker is out or ineffective for a good portion of the year.

Greg Olsen - 13.09 is a good value for Olsen in a 1.5 PPR format. If Martz gets shipped out of town after 2010, this pick could turn out to be a home run.

Late Moves:

I made a few minor trades in the late rounds and one big trade of Hakeem Nicks for Marques Colston (see separate blog entry covering the trade). I ended up making a total of 13 trades during the startup draft.

My Team:

Here is my final team (starters in bold):

QB: Tom Brady, Jason Campbell
RB: Maurice Jones-Drew, Darren McFadden, Ricky Williams, Rashad Jennings
WR: Greg Jennings, Sidney Rice, Marques Colston, Braylon Edwards, Arrelious Benn, Nate Burleson, Jerricho Cotchery, Bernard Berrian
TE: Tony Gonzalez, Bo Scaife, Ed Dickson, Dennis Pitta
K: Lawrence Tynes
Def: New Orleans Saints

Future Picks: 4 2011 1sts (traded away my own)

Overall Team Assessment: A pretty nice dynasty team. I’m not as excited about this one as I am the $1250 team in terms of potential to dominate long term, but it does have decent long term potential still with the 4 2011 1sts and, unlike the $1250 team, it does have a legitimate chance to compete in 2010 (with a decent shot at a bye even). I like the depth at WR, the strength of the team (with a very nice addition in Jericho Cotchery in the 20th round), but TE is definitely iffy, particularly if Tony Gonzalez goes down with an injury. Despite question marks at RB2 and RB3, I actually am quite comfortable going into 2010 with the RB trio I have assembled. I could always go 2RB and use a WR4 for a flex if, for example, Darren McFadden ends up being a 2010 dud. It will be interesting to see how the 4 2011 1sts will come into play next year in replacing the aging/retiring players. Hopefully there will be enough resources left over after doing so to actually grow the team further. I think my team will be stronger next year than it is this year, but I’m not sure of that.

Draft Experience: As with the FFPC $1250 Dynasty League, this one was a ton of fun and exciting throughout. The FFPC has done a great job with their dynasty leagues. Unfortunately, I did not have the kind of energy for this draft as I had for the $1250, in part because (1) I had just gone through the $1250 startup and that extremely high level of energy is difficult to sustain, (2) I was drafting 4 other leagues simultaneously and (3) most importantly, I just had a newborn (another boy!) just prior to the start of the draft, leaving me with very little sleep throughout and very little time to really get into the draft like I did with the $1250. As for the owners, I am very fortunate to be playing with a great group of owners in this league (as with the $1250). Interestingly, unlike the $1250, I have a feeling trading will continue to be active in this league even after the startup draft (despite the high stakes) due to the mix of strategies being employed by the teams here.
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