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FFPC $750 Dynasty League / Rounds 7 through 10:

Here are the draft results for Rounds 7 through 10:

7.1 Johnny Knox
7.2 Donald Brown
7.3 Santonio Holmes
7.4 Demaryius Thomas
7.5 Kellen Winslow
7.6 Visanthe Shiancoe
7.7 John Carlson
7.8 Darren McFadden
7.9 Ronnie Brown
7.10 Montario Hardesty
7.11 Ben Tate
7.12 Robert Meachem

8.1 Ahmad Bradshaw
8.2 Heath Miller
8.3 Joe Flacco
8.4 Michael Bush
8.5 Marion Barber
8.6 Kenny Britt
8.7 Santana Moss
8.8 Dustin Keller
8.9 Devin Hester
8.10 Eli Manning
8.11 Brandon Jacobs
8.12 Hines Ward

9.1 Cadillac Williams
9.2 Ben Roethlisberger
9.3 Fred Davis
9.4 Ricky Williams
9.5 Laurence Maroney
9.6 Michael Floyd
9.7 Golden Tate
9.8 Devin Aromashodu
9.9 Jermaine Gresham
9.10 Arian Foster
9.11 Donald Driver
9.12 TJ Houshmandzadeh

10.1 Jimmy Graham
10.2 Tony Scheffler
10.3 Matthew Stafford
10.4 Carson Palmer
10.5 Fred Jackson
10.6 Steve Slaton
10.7 NY Jets
10.8 Clinton Portis
10.9 Tashard Choice
10.10 Ladanian Tomlinson
10.11 Tim Hightower
10.12 Matt Ryan

I made one significant move in order to secure my RB#2, Darren McFadden. I traded the 9.2, 10.8 and 11.12 for the 7.8, 14.11 and 20.11 in order to get him. My backup plan would have been to wait until the 9.2 to take one of Brandon Jacobs, Ronnie Brown, Ahmad Bradshaw, Marion Barber or even Darren McFadden, but I did not want to risk missing out completely on this group of RBs, so I made the move despite not needing to go quite as high as 7.9 to accomplish the goal. At least I got my choice of this lower tier RB group and still had the 9.3 where I had already planned to reach for Ricky Williams as my RB3 (unless one of the group above made it there in which case I would take the other RB and look to trade into the 10th round to acquire Ricky Williams there). Turns out, none of the RBs in the above group made it to 9.2, so I made the right call I guess. I am fairly comfortable going into the season with MJD, McFadden and Ricky Williams considering what I have at the other positions.

The only other trade of note (12 in total) that I made the rest of the way was trading my own 2011 1st rounder and my 2011 3rd rounder for another team’s 2011 1st rounder. After running a few sets of projections on the 12 teams’ starting lineups, I was not all that crazy about the prospects of my pick. So I sent a few offers to teams looking to swap my pick straight up for theirs. Got rejected in each case, so decided to up the offer just a bit by adding a 3rd rounder and that worked. This is another trade I’ll be monitoring closely during the season, but I am pretty happy with it right now.

Observations for the 7th and 8th rounds: Both well drafted rounds with some nice talent still being drafted. I can’t really complain too much about any of the picks made in these two rounds. Santana Moss may have gone a bit early, but I get that pick as well. My favorites: Demaryius Thomas at 7.4 was very nice and was taken by perhaps the only team that could afford to take him there (the team had a ton of mid round picks and could afford to stock up on a few potential young studs without diminishing his chances much at all in 2010). I really like Dustin Keller in this format this late, as long as you can afford to take the hit in 2010 (the team that took him already had Celek so that worked).

Observations for the 9th and 10th rounds: Here’s where picks start going all over the place depending on team needs. I would have been very hard pressed to predict even half of these picks to go in a particular round. I would consider my own pick (Ricky Williams at 9.04) a reach as well. Jimmy Graham, again in the 10th taken by the last team I would have predicted (the team that projects out at #1 using a very heavy redraft-centric draft strategy). 9.3 for Fred Davis is the earliest I have seen him go (as far as I can remember), even in a 1.5 PPR format. Tony Scheffler at 10.2, wow, he’s really moved up the charts.
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