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More Maurice Jones Drew

Speaking of Maurice Jones Drew, I just traded for him myself in the startup draft for the FFPC’s $750 Dynasty #2 that just started on Saturday July 17. I drew the 9 hole, and was pretty bummed that again I could not land a top 7. An offer came in when the 1.04 was on the clock. After some countering, we hammered out a trade of the 1.09, 3.09 and 4.04 for the 1.04, 3.04, 9.04 and a 2011 1st. Pretty steep price for MJD and I took a huge gamble that my 7th player on my board (Calvin - not that far off from the #1) wouldn’t make it to 1.09. Of course, he did (due to Gore and Rodgers getting picked in between), so I pretty much got hosed on this trade (or at least I would have been much better off staying put). Anyway, we are now in the mid-3rd and the way things are shaking out and after a few moves and other plans in the works, I think I can recover from the trade (not that hard to do with MJD on the roster). More about my thoughts on the trade (and what I was thinking) later as we get a little further along. I should be starting the writeups on this new league tomorrow. With me drafting in 3 draftmaster leagues and 2 dynasties right now, I’m falling behind a bit.
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