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Dynasty Mock Draft #1 - Round 2


Team 12 – 2.1: Lesean McCoy: Probably should have slotted him a bit higher in the 1st round.

Team 11 – 2.2: Rashard Mendenhall: His yards per carry is a bit of a concern, as is the workload. Still, the guy looks like he’ll be a touchdown machine for years to come.

Team 10 – 2.3: Jonathan Stewart: He did just enough at the end of the year to win me back over. With the mess in Carolina this year and his early poor performances, I must admit that he had me worried, very worried.

Team 9 – 2.4: Jermichael Finley: Yes, still over Antonio Gates, Jason Witten and others. The injuries are a concern, but this guy is amazing and worthy of being the cornerstone of a dynasty franchise in this format.

Team 8 – 2.5: Greg Jennings: One of my team regulars. I am a bit concerned that Finley will take away looks the way he did at the beginning of 2010, but Jennings’ performance in 2010 showed me that he still belongs among the elite.

Team 7 – 2.6: Brandon Marshall: Hard to believe I am bumping him down to the 2nd round (I’ve drafted him in the first round for years now), but there are just a lot of great players this year at the top.

Team 6 – 2.7: Aaron Rodgers: Oh my, forgot about this guy. He should be at 2.3 just before Stew perhaps.

Team 5 – 2.8: Darren McFadden: Injuries always a concern with him, but he showed that he can be elite when healthy.

Team 4 – 2.9: Desean Jackson: WR9 will likely be higher than most others’ rankings, but this guy is one of my favorites. He has yet to hit his true ceiling.

Team 3 – 2.10: Vernon Davis: What can I say, I really like TEs in this format (particularly young ones with elite talent).

Team 2 – 2.11: Antonio Gates: Getting long in the tooth, but if he recovers in time for the 2011 season, he could be worth this price with the monster numbers he puts up in this format. None of my teams would take him this early (and for that reason, he should fall to the 3rd round next mock draft), but someone surely will. Should easily be the #1 TE in this format for redraft.

Team 1 – 2.12: Philip Rivers: Looked awfully good in 2010.

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