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Dynasty Mock Draft #1 - Round 1

Its time to MOCK DRAFT!!! The first dynasty mock draft of the year!

Basic Rules: One round at a time. FFPC Dynasty rules – 12 team PPR, TE=1.5PPR, QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, 2 RB/WR/TE. To add to the fun, I’ll be on a 1 minute clock for each pick with an additional minute after the pick to write a description. No deep thinking this early in the year, and no editing (other than typos).


Team 1 – 1.1: Chris Johnson: Despite a disappointing 2010, I’d still take him #1 in this format.

Team 2 – 1.2: Calvin Johnson: Possibly too early in a 2RB min league, but his shelf life as an elite player should easily outlast the elite RBs. If not for Chris Johnson’s superior market value, I would probably take Calvin #1.

Team 3 – 1.3: Ray Rice: Another disappointing year for a stud RB, but he’s young and excellent in PPR.

Team 4 – 1.4: Larry Fitzgerald: It seems like so many are down on him these days. I still have him as the #2 WR for fantasy. Still young and very much in his prime.

Team 5 – 1.5: Adrian Peterson: I could make a case for taking him #1 due to immense talent but also #12 due to wear and tear (he’ll be an “old” 26 this March). Look at the hit Frank Gore’s value has taken this offseason. That could be Peterson in 2 years.

Team 6 – 1.6 Jamaal Charles: Wish I jumped on his bandwagon sooner. This guy is a stud!

Team 7 - 1.7: Andre Johnson: Gut call. I’m getting a little worried about taking him this high due to age, but he could lead a team to the title in 2011.

Team 8 – 1.8: Hakeem Nicks: Still hurting from trading him away for Colston during the preseason in the FFPC $750 Dynasty League. IDIOT!!!

Team 9 – 1.9: Roddy White: Tough call here between him and Dez Bryant. The tie breaker - Roddy has better market value.

Team 10 – 1.10: Dez Bryant: Based on this mock draft, I guess I have Dez as the WR6 (technically not the “Top 5” WR that I claimed him to be in a prior post).

Team 11 – 1.11: Arian Foster: Could be a popular choice for #1 in 2011 redraft leagues. I was slow getting on his bandwagon and may, to some extent, still be disrespecting him with a mere #11 ranking. I already traded him this offseason in one league for Roddy White.

Team 12 – 1.12: Maurice Jones-Drew: Another immensely talented player dropping down some due to injury and wear and tear concerns (and, like Peterson, is also turning 26 this March).

Quick Observation: The talent at the top is deep this year. Having the 1.12 in a startup in this format would not be a bad place to be.
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