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DFWC Update - Dez, Meet Julio, Calvin and Percy

I made a huge trade today in DFWC League #5.

I gave Doug Martin and Tavon Austin
I received Dez Bryant

I made the offer this morning and it was promptly accepted. I toyed with the idea of offering Doug Martin and a late 1st for Dez instead with the thought of working my way up to Tavon Austin if I had to, but I decided not to fool around with this one and went with the offer I thought had a good chance of being accepted right off the bat.

I always worry about giving up too much value in a 2 for 1 (which has backfired on me all too many times), particularly where one of the two is also an elite player (Doug Martin), but I really had to have Dez for the nucleus that I want for this particular team. I might not have made a trade like this for one of my other DFWC teams with fewer resources (and lower aspirations). Overall, I think this is one of those win-win trades for both teams.
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