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DFWC League #5 - Failing to Fulfill Promise

A lot has happened since my last update.

First off, I acquired Antonio Brown for the 1.6, Ladarius Green and Markus Wheaton.

Then, tragedy struck with Josh Gordon, whom I had acquired for both of my powerhouse teams in the DFWC. Its only one guy, but losing Gordon changes the whole look and feel of both teams and really dampers their outlook.

We completed our rookie draft, and I started it off by drafting Sammy Watkins #1, Mike Evans #2 and Bishop Sankey #3. The 1.4 I traded for Christine Michael and Jacquizz Rodgers. At 1.5, I took Odell Beckham. 1.10 rolled along and Eric Ebron was still on the board, so he was mine. At 2.2, I drafted Marqise Lee, a nice surprise that late. I also managed to luck into Austin Seferian Jenkins at 4.1.

After managing to land good values in Ebron at 1.10 and Lee at 2.2, the opportunity opened up to go out and get a marquee player with my new rookies, so I parlayed what was the 1.5, 1.10, 2.2 and my 2015 1st for Jimmy Graham. Although I gave up a lot of upside (and this team was formed out of upside) and value (which was equivalent to a 1.4, 1.5, 1.10 and a 2015 1st in other leagues), the trade not only improves my lineup, but it also frees up valuable roster space for me to bring on additional lottery tickets. It was roster space that allowed me to take flyers on players like Julius Thomas and Ladarius Green in the first place (while others could not) which helped get this team where it is today. So by giving up upside, I have created the possibility to bring on more (all the while beefing up the lineup and adding a new 1st round startup player in Graham to replace Josh Gordon).

After all of this, my team was as follows:
Ryan Tannehill

Christine Michael
Bishop Sankey
Jacquizz Rodgers

Calvin Johnson
Dez Bryant
Julio Jones
Antonio Brown
Codarrelle Patterson
Percy Harvin
Sammy Watkins
Mike Evans
Josh Gordon

Jimmy Graham

Clearly, this is still a very strong team with or without Gordon, although still a ways to go from being considered the best ever. This team boasts four 1st round caliber startup players in Calvin, Dez, Julio and Graham (could have been five with Gordon). While very good, two of my FFPC teams have managed to roster six and seven 1st round caliber players at a given time. I consider six to eight 1st round caliber players (out of a maximum of twelve) to be the gold standard. This team has a ways to go and may never get there, but there is still hope. Along with the four first round startup players, Gordon could eventually make it back to 1st round heights, and I have three current second rounders (Sammy Watkins, Antonio Brown and Cordarrelle Patterson), two third rounders (Percy Harvin and Mike Evans), a fourth rounder (Bishop Sankey) and the high upside of Christine Michael. If Gordon makes it back up the mountain and/or if Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans and/or Cordarrelle Patterson can ascend, this team can still achieve its ultimate goal. Patience, however, will be key.
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