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The Transformation Begins

Earlier today, I made a pair of the biggest trades that I recall making for one team in one day. I made it in the DFWC for “the team with the 11 1sts”.

Despite the meager beginnings (only 5 players drafted during the maiden draft), I’ve had and continue to have designs on making this team the greatest team I have ever constructed and quite possibly the best dynasty team EVER. Lofty goals, but one can dream.

First, the highlights since my last entry on this team back in August:

(1) Before the season started, I traded Cam Newton to a potential contender for Percy Harvin (on IR) and Keenan Allen (pre-breakout).

(2) Free agent waiver wire has been slim thus far, but I did strike gold with Julius Thomas over the summer and silver with Philip Rivers.

(3) Philip Rivers and a 3rd rounder turned into Reuben Randle by trade.

(4) The twelfth 1st rounder, the one I don’t have, got off to a fast start and is the 2nd highest scoring team thus far – so all good on that front.

The transformation from skeleton crew to “best team ever” will take time, and I really wasn’t planning on making anything big happen until the offseason, particularly anything involving first rounders. When it comes to firsts, I am better off waiting until the offseason when the value of the firsts skyrocket. For those looking for future firsts, this time of year is usually the best time to shop. That said, you don’t get the opportunity to bring on elite players everyday, so when the opportunity arises, you do what you have to do.

Following the Julio news last week, I began to put out feelers in the few leagues in which I didn’t already own him. I acquired him in the $1250 FFPC Dynasty league (Demaryius for Julio and a 1st) and in another DFWC Dynasty League, the “one with the 6 1sts” (AJ Green and Demaryius Thomas for Julio Jones, Randall Cobb and what is currently the 1.2). Here, I made an offer of Julius Thomas and Reuben Randle for Julio Jones – offer rejected.

Last night, a week after my initial offer, I received an inquiry regarding my prior offer and what I might be willing to add and what it might take to get a deal done. I always appreciate the open lines of communication with leaguemates. In this case, the detail provided was great. It makes trades so much easier to get done, trades that make sense for both teams. So I made an offer, and the offer was accepted this morning. Julius Thomas, Reuben Randle and what will likely be a mid 1st rounder for Julio Jones. Julio will be the cornerstone for my team and is just what the team needed.

With the juices flowing from the trade, I immediately scanned rosters for the possibility of adding another cornerstone and made two offers, one for AJ Green and another for Calvin Johnson. The bait, Rob Gronkowski (a day away from his return) and Keenan Allen (the latest dynasty rock star). Late this evening, Calvin Johnson was mine. Gronk and Allen may be a bit much for any one player, but Calvin is one of those guys for whom you have to overpay to have a shot.

Now would be a good time for a self-imposed breather before I get too carried away and overspend unnecessarily. I’ll focus on a few necessary tweaks in the meantime.

The team, post-trades:

QB: Ryan Tannehill, Eli Manning
RB: No one of note, plan is to draft rookie studs
WR: Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones, Percy Harvin, Justin Blackmon, Cordarrelle Patterson, Tavon Austin
TE: Ladarius Green, Vance McDonald

Future picks: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.12, 2.5

The transformation has begun, but it will take time.
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