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Week 15 Update

$1250 FFPC Dynasty League #1

Week 14 has come and gone, and my $1250 FFPC team made it to the finals after all (to join my two $750 teams) with a 164 point effort led by Mike Wallace’s 30 and Danario Alexander’s 28. Interestingly, while 164 was about as good as I could have hoped with the rag tag lineup I was throwing out there, another team actually outscored mine by 0.25 points (2.5 yard difference), and yet another would have outscored mine by 7 but for the fact that they started Chad Henne instead of Big Ben due to concerns Big Ben could get knocked out early. The fortunate choice brought back painful memories from last year’s choice of Romo in Week 16 over Vick due to concerns that Vick’s playing style could get him knocked out early – a decision that ended up costing me the title in this league. The other team must be kicking themselves for that call (although not an unreasonable one), and I feel for them.

Anyway, while luck played a significant role in getting me to the finals,
my team didn’t make it through entirely unscathed. With my best player (Lesean McCoy) already out with a concussion, RGIII is now also out and Dez could be a decoy this week with his fractured index finger. I’ll be going with Romo for RGIII and probably Austin over Dez. Things could be looking up though if I can somehow keep it close this week (with McCoy and RGIII possibly returning in Week 16).

$750 FFPC Dynasty League #2

This may be my best FFPC team going into the playoffs. Despite Gronk being out, this team is the healthiest of my three in the finals. I like Dallas Clark this week (would prefer Gronk by a ton obviously), I’ve got Cam at QB (vs RGIII in both of my other leagues), and Darren McFadden and Pierre Garcon are available on the bench should I need them in Week 16 (in case of injury or if Knowshon puts up a stinker).

$750 FFPC Dynasty League #4

Clearly my best team when fully healthy, this team is unfortunately hurting badly with Gronk and RGIII out. I wasn’t able to secure replacements that I could be comfortable with and am forced to go with Brandon Weeden and a choice between Marcedes Lewis, Ben Watson or Tony Moeaki. I’ll have to hope that Trent, CJ Spiller, Calvin, AJ Green, Julio and Demaryius can light it up and make up for the injuries, but I’m very worried that they won’t be enough.

Having a good QB in the playoffs can be so important when competing in total points against multiple teams. My competition has Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Josh Freeman. On any given day, the good QBs can go off and give a team a huge edge. If Brandon Weeden doesn’t score in the 20s (which in itself would be a great game for him), I could find myself in a huge hole. Same goes at TE in this format, particularly when I am up against Jimmy Graham, Aaron Hernandez, Tony Gonzalez and Jason Witten. Comparing those TEs with the TE I eventually choose is a joke. That said, if my team keeps it close and if Gronk and RGIII return next week, look out!

Dynasty Teams (Generally):

Overall, my other non-FFPC teams playing in Week 14 (i.e., the non-bye teams) did very well, with 6 out of the 7 making it through to the semis. All in all, I now have 14 teams in the final 4 (out of 22 teams in all), a good total for Week 15.
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