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$750 FFPC Dynasty League #2

Now checking in with the disaster of a team I have in the FFPC $750 League #2. This is the league where I ended up trading (1) Greg Jennings in mid-2010 for Eddie Royal and what turned out to be the 1.8 rookie pick, (2) Darren McFadden for Desean Jackson mid-2010 and (3) Vincent Jackson, Shonn Greene and the 1.3 rookie pick for Jamaal Charles and the 1.10 rookie pick during the offseason.

Over the summer, while the uncertainty of a possible suspension for Kenny Britt was still looming, I traded away Roddy White for Kenny Britt and a very promising-looking 2012 1st rounder (from the team I had projected to be the 2nd lowest scoring team), the fourth 1st rounder I would own at the time.

After Week 1, I traded Kenny Britt straight up for Jahvid Best. Then, disaster struck with Jamaal Charles going down for the season in Week 2. Still, with the nice start to the season and with Fred Jackson and Darren Sproles on the team producing like superstars, I easily could have stayed the course as a likely playoff team. Instead, I decided to hedge my bets more towards the future by trading Brandon Marshall and Darren Sproles for Julio Jones, Pierre Thomas and another 2012 1st rounder (my 5th at the time).

Despite Charles going down and the subsequent move towards the future, the team still boasted a pretty nice lineup of Josh Freeman, Jahvid Best, Fred Jackson, Pierre Thomas, Desean Jackson, Julio Jones, Sidney Rice, and Dustin Keller. But then, with Fred Jackson producing like he was this year's Arian Foster, I just couldn't resist cashing in on the success. I ended up trading Fred Jackson for Mikel Leshoure and yet another 2012 1st rounder, this time from a team that looked good on paper but which had underperformers like Chris Johnson and Dallas Clark and had injuries to the likes of Peyton Manning (i.e., a decent bet to be a non-playoff team which, in this format, could potentially be the 2012 first overall pick). It turns out, I undersold Jackson in hindsight because he just looks unstoppable right now. I also ended up trading Dustin Keller straight up for Jermaine Gresham.

After Week 4, with a decent start to the season and the future of the team fairly secure with 6 1st rounders, I decided this time to go the other way and improve my chances to make the playoffs in 2011 by acquiring Darren McFadden for Jamaal Charles and the likely 2012 third overall rookie pick (throwing in Leshoure). Steep price to pay, but McFadden could certainly help me in a playoff push and, should I not make the playoffs, would definitely help my team in the effort to secure the #1 pick through the consolation playoffs.

After Week 6, here is my team:

Josh Freeman, Andy Dalton

McFadden, Best, P Thomas, CJ Spiller

D Jackson, S. Rice, Ju. Jones, Torrey Smith, D. Nelson, A. Benn, Dem. Thomas, J Baldwin

Gresham, Z Miller (Sea)

Not bad and looks to be a contender for the playoffs, but depending on how long Best remains out, I am going to need to find a RB2 quickly if I really want to make a difference this year. For the future, I am down to "only" 5 2012 1st rounders, but a number of those look very promising, and I have future help already on the team in CJ Spiller, Torrey Smith, Arrelious Benn, Julio Jones, Demaryius Thomas, etc.. Win or lose in 2011, I am starting to like this team again.
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