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FFPC Dynasty Week 2 Update

Two weeks in the books and the three FFPC Dynasty teams of mine that have legitimate shots at a title this year ($1250, $750#2 and $750#4) have each started strong – all taking down the maximum 8 victory points thus far (with already one 200+ point week in $750 #4).*

$1250 FFPC Dynasty:

The team I once thought would be one of my best for years to come is now the worst of the three (in both short and long term prospects). Just goes to show how fast things can change in dynasty. Needless to say, this team is falling way short of what I thought I would have at this time and even further short of what I COULD have had at this time. That can happen of course when you trade the 1.1 and 1.3 (possibly AJ Green/Julio Jones) plus Jared Cook for Chris Johnson. I could put together a list of other “not so good”, “bad” and even “monumentally bad” trades that I have made with this team, but I’d rather begin the healing process and move forward.

Surprisingly, while looking pedestrian compared with my $750 #2 and $750 #4 teams, this team still looks pretty good and does have some very nice pieces. For that reason, I am not overly concerned, but I will need to be proactive in doing what I can to restock it with dynamic youth and potential (at the expense of the short term).

The team now consists of:

Robert Griffin III
Mike Vick
Tony Romo
Josh Freeman

Lesean McCoy
CJ Spiller
Rashard Mendenhall
Dexter McCluster
Isaiah Pead
Darryl Richardson

Dez Bryant
Mike Wallace
Miles Austin
Greg Little
Josh Gordon

Vernon Davis
Jermichael Finley

Two 2013 1st round picks (neither of which are my own)

Despite the team’s shortcomings and what “could have been”, the team still has a nice long term outlook and has enjoyed an early fast start.

$750 FFPC Dynasty #2:

Sitting at 1st overall in points after two weeks, this team is looking very strong and could possibly be the top contender in 2012. Here is the current team:

Cam Newton
Josh Freeman

Darren McFadden
CJ Spiller
Demarco Murray
Jon Dwyer
Jahvid Best
Darryl Richardson
Felix Jones

Julio Jones
AJ Green
Demaryius Thomas
Torrey Smith
Sidney Rice
Greg Little

Rob Gronkowski

One 2013 1st rounder (not my own)

Side note: The oldest player in the starting lineup is......CJ Spiller at 25 years old.

$750 FFPC Dynasty #4:

This team is, in my opinion, quite possibly the best dynasty team in all of the FFPC. Like the $750 #2 team, this team also boasts the #1 overall points lead in its league after two weeks.

Made up very similarly to my $750#2 team, this team is just a little bit better in most areas. Like the $750#2 team, this team’s strength is at WR with the same dominant trio of Julio Jones, AJ Green and Demaryius Thomas. One small difference - this team also has Calvin Johnson!

At RB, both teams have CJ Spiller (already a top 5 dynasty RB on my board). Where the $750 #2 has Darren McFadden, this team has the superior Trent Richardson (a top 3 dynasty RB). Where the $750#2 has Demarco Murray, this team has Jon Stewart, Chris Wells and Rashard Mendenhall (even). Overall, I’d give slight advantage to $750#4 at RB.

At QB, Cam Newton is difficult to beat, very difficult. However, this team has what I believe to be the superior duo of RGIII and Matt Ryan (either or possibly BOTH of which may outscore Cam in 2012).
The only advantage the $750#2 team has over this one is at TE where it has the Great Gronk instead of Vernon Davis. Vernon, however, is no chump, so the shortfall may not be as great as it might seem to many.

The clincher: Where the $750 #2 team has one 2013 1st rounder (not mine), this team has THREE (also not mine). Taken altogether, this team is just better (overall dynasty, not necessarily 2012). Here it is:

Matt Ryan

Trent Richardson
CJ Spiller
Jon Stewart
Rashard Mendenhall
Chris Wells
Felix Jones

Calvin Johnson
Julio Jones
AJ Green
Demaryius Thomas
Stephen Hill

Vernon Davis

3 2013 1st rounders (none of which are my own)

*Note, I have a total of 5 dynasty teams in the FFPC. The two teams not discussed here are currently in build mode and both look VERY promising for next year. Both are striving to repeat the success of the $750#2 and $750#4 teams and will be the topic of discussion later in the year.
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