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Let The Games Begin!

The season begins, finally! Just got through setting my lineups. With 25 dynasties and 1 regular redraft this year (up from 19 dynasties last year and zero regular redrafts), it took quite a bit longer to get them done (or at least it seemed like it after the long layoff). It took long even after already having set preliminary lineups on Wednesday night, so tonight was only about making minor tweaks and final decisions.

I am really dreading the weekly Sunday morning updates before game time though having this many leagues. With last minute active/inactive news, it will be a challenge first, remembering what players I have on all my starting lineups without having to go through ALL of the them again and second, implementing all of the necessary changes in time for kickoff. This will be even more difficult to impossible some weeks where I can’t be at my computer right before kickoff (although my wife has an i-phone so I’ll have to look into getting MFL Mobile 2010). Screw ups are bound to happen (they do every year for me), so I just hope I don’t make too many of them that end up costing my teams.

For now, I’m going to sit back, relax and enjoy some Total Access at midnight.

Good luck to everyone!
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