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2014 FFPC and DFWC Dynasty Results

My teams went into the final 2 weeks with a lot of promise and the potential for a gigantic payday. I expected 3-5 titles (but was hoping for more).

Unfortunately, most of my teams went into the tank after Week 15. With so many of my teams relying on Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones and AJ Green, as great as they are, the downside is when it goes bad, it goes bad for my teams as a whole. Suffice it to say, none of those three pulled their weight when it counted most, and after Week 15, all but a few of my teams were out of the running for first place. This makes a good case for diversifying when you have multiple teams, but that’s a subject for another time.

The poor Week 15 performances resulted in a very restless week leading up to Week 16 while I waited to see if my last few remaining chances would bring home a title. I am really not a fan of Thursday night games (or Saturday games) when it comes to fantasy football. It prolongs the pain I go through each week, which is especially excruciating in Week 16. To help alleviate the pain, I instituted a moratorium in my household on all football related activities, which included, to the dismay of my older sons, watching any of the Thursday or Saturday games or even checking out the final box scores. The moratorium continued through Sunday night, at which point I just had to look.

When it was all over, I came out of 2014 with only two titles, one in the DFWC and the other in the FFPC. I am disappointed about the final wins total (considering the number of teams I had in the final 4), but any bitterness was offset by the fact that one of those two titles came in the $2500 FFPC Dynasty League #2, my highest stakes league for a prize of $13,000!

Despite the championship losses, 2014 was still a decent year. I ended up with 2nd place finishes in $750 Dynasty League #2, $750 Dynasty League #4, $750 Dynasty League #7 and $750 Dynasty League #10 and a 4th place finish in $750 Dynasty League #3, which should put me comfortably ahead at #1 in the FFPC for total lifetime cashes in Dynasty. Those finishes brought my annual total for 2014 to over $20,000 gross ($12,500 net of entry fees) in the FFPC alone.

In the DFWC, I came away with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finish in my three non-startup teams. Considering the firepower I had on those teams, that is not all that good, but at least my team in DFWC League #5 is going into 2015 as the favorite to win the 2016 Dynasty King prize. I’d love to win the overall championship one of these years, but my main goal has been winning the Dynasty King award in 2016 and each year thereafter (for an extra $2,000 per year in addition to league earnings). Since the Dynasty King award is a running total of the last three years, winning the title year after year is a distinct possibility, and that is my goal.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Merry Christmas everyone!
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