Talking Dynasty Fantasy Football


2014 DFWC

The DFWC is expanding to 18 leagues total (216 teams) with the overall prizes increasing by 41%. The grand prize is now up to $7,500! That’s in addition to another potential $2,000 in league prizes PLUS the potential annual $2,000 for Dynasty King. That’s $11,500 as a maximum prize each year for a $299 investment. Good times!

2014 will be my year in the DFWC. I’ve got three teams that are legitimate threats to take down the overall grand prize, two of which may be the top 2 overall preseason favorites (out of the 144, soon to be 216, teams).

Let the games begin!

If you want jump into the competition (something I would highly recommend), here is the link:

I’m entering a new team myself. New team, new strategy?
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