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2015 Week 15 Performance Update

Up to this point in 2014, I was having a stellar year.

Out of my 7 teams in the FFPC, 6 were still in contention for the title in Week 15 (in the Final 4). The only team out of it was my rebuilding team in the FFPC $1250 #1 League. The rebuild though went very well and that same team received a bye into this year’s Final 4.

Out of my 3 nonstartup teams in the DFWC in 2014, all 3 had a good shot at a title going into Week 15.

Unfortunately, despite the large number of chances in the FFPC and DFWC for titles (9 in all), I ended up winning only two of those leagues, with 5 2nd place finishes, a 3rd place finish and a 4th.

This year was not as stellar but still very solid nonetheless. In Week 15 of 2015, I still have 5 FFPC teams in the Final 4 and with very legitimate shots at winning the title. My 2 other FFPC teams failed to reach the playoffs entirely, one of which boasted a starting lineup of Peyton Manning, Jamaal Charles, CJ Anderson, Doug Martin, Calvin Johnson, Randall Cobb, Julio Jones and Jimmy Graham. Going into 2015, missing the playoffs in that league was the last thing I thought would happen.

In the DFWC, I thought I would have repeat performances out of my 3 teams in win mode (my other 3 are still in build mode). Unfortunately, one of the teams went down in flames and ended up with the 1.2! The remaining 2, however, remain in excellent position to win this year through Week 15. Both teams took down the prizes for Best Record and Most Points in their leagues.

Despite the small decline in overall performance as of Week 15, the potential payday this late in the year is still north of $33,000 (with a huge amount of luck).
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