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$1250 FFPC Dynasty League Off-Season Update #3

As I noted on the FFPC $1250 League Page, I made a big move last week to acquire Chris Johnson, the player I consider to be the #1 overall in a 2RB minimum format, especially in the FFPC that allows up to 4 RB in the starting lineup.

The cost? The 1.1, 1.3, Jared Cook and James Starks. As I might have mentioned previously, I love the 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 this year, but I also really like Jared Cook in the FFPC format with 1.5 PPR for TEs. He finished 2010 very nicely, he will be the starter going into 2011 and he is a physical freak a la Vernon Davis (although not quite as fast, but then again, no TE is).

I am seeing lots of young TEs get way overrated these days in terms of their dynasty value. In your typical PPR format, outside of the elite few such as Antonio Gates and Dallas Clark that produce like top WRs, TEs really are not (or should not) be that big of a deal. There are plenty of good options to go around in order to fill 12 starting spots. Not so in the FFPC at 1.5PPR and with the ability to start up to 3. TEs there are worth their weight in gold, especially young ones that can produce at a high level for years and years to come.

Now where was I going with that? Oh yeah, Jared Cook is not an insignificant part of the trade. James Starks is a nice add on as well on just his potential to possibly become the lead back in Green Bay as soon as this year. I recently read on Rotoworld that the Packers look at him as being a poor man’s Adrian Peterson. Now, you don’t normally want to be labeled as a poor man’s anything, but a poor man’s “Adrian Peterson” is high praise for just about any running back out there.

While the feedback I am getting from the other owners has definitely been pro-Chris Johnson, I actually feel like the 1.1, 1.3, Jared Cook (in 1.5 PPR) and James Starks is a bit much to give up for any player in most other dynasty leagues. Then again, elite vet talent is naturally going to cost more in this league than in most others (something about the “$1250” that does it) and overpaying where necessary was always part of the plan (to recap, Year 1 = Accumulate resources, Year 2 = Overpay where necessary to acquire elite talent in order to assemble a monster team). While not yet quite at a monster level, this team is now finally beginning to approach it with Chris Johnson, and I still have the 1.5 and two 2011 1st rounders (neither my own) to play with. Stay tuned.

My team today (starters in caps):

ROMO, Cassel
CJ3, STEWART, Spiller, FJackson, 1.5 (Ryan Williams)
DEZ, BOWE, DESEAN, VJAX, Avery, Demaryius
V.DAVIS, Keller

As a side note, I also recently made a trade of my 2012 1st, 2nd and 3rd, plus the 2011 4.12, plus Ronnie Brown, for another teams 2012 1st and Caddy Williams (whom I will probably end up dropping). In making this trade, I am betting that the other 2012 1st rounder will be worth more than my own (duh) and in this case hopefully a top 3 pick.
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