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$1250 FFPC Dynasty League Off-Season Update #1

Offseason trading time in the $1250 FFPC Dynasty, and I’m off to a fast start with two trades. First off, I traded the 1.11 for a 2012 1st rounder (of a team that could finish anywhere on the spectrum). This could certainly backfire if last year’s draft is any indication, where in a seemingly poor depth year, 1.11 netted Mike Williams (TB) in many dynasty leagues.

Still, drafting another rookie at 1.11 (my 6th rookie pick) may be overkill, so why not roll the dice and turn the pick into a lottery ticket for next year. At the very least, it would increase the fun factor in 2011 by creating a vested interest in another team. Who knows, with some luck, I could end up with a top rookie pick next year. Maybe even land the 1.1, Trent Richardson (I can dream, can’t I?). Also, having the extra pick in 2012 may allow me a little more flexibility in 2011 to take a little more of a win now approach with a portion of the remaining resources at my disposal.

The second trade: Heath Miller and the 1.6 for Dustin Keller. Heath Miller plus the 1.6 may seem a little high to some given Keller’s disappointing finish in 2010, but I REALLY like Keller as a budding superstar TE and at 1.5 PPR for TE in this league, you have to take your chances on young TEs before they totally break out (and become too expensive). Keller already at one time became too expensive after his nice run at the beginning of the year. He has the potential to get back there again in 2011, making Miller and 1.6 a fair price to pay. Keller, Gronkowski and Cook now make for a very nice TE corp for 2011, so I may be done tinkering with that position – for now.
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